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>I finally was able to delete the links to Queerknit and Dykewrite but I actually want them there. I just want to control WHERE they are. OK, I am a control freak of sorts. I like balance and symmetry. (I park in the part of the lot with the fewest cars to “Balance” it……..Yes, it’s a disease.) I don’t know if anyone is getting this but if you are, could you tell me how to fix things? My email is Thanks.

>February 15, 2003

What am I doing wrong? I appear to be enrolled in the Queerknit webring but I keep getting sent to a place that says I am not.

>February 15, 2003

OK, my first post slipped away. My second is here but the Queerknit logo appears to be missing although it takes me someplace…..HELP!

I should be writing a couple of articles that are due today but I really hate to finish anything until the absolute last minute and sometimes local news gets pretty boring…..

Short intro: I spend my days as a child welfare case worker and my off hours as a freelance writer. I’d like to freelance full-time but it’s not in the financial cards yet. So I trudge off to the land of the baby snatchers three days a week. Fortunately, my partner is willing to subsidize my freelancing so I only have to work half-time. Now if I could just convince them to let me work at home……Am actually working on that.

I am a crazed fiber freak. My home office is dedicated roughly 40/60 to office/yarn. I currently have four projects in process: a pullover vest for my son-in-law, a cardigan for my 4 you granddaughter, a beaded purse for my 19 yo and a turtleneck sleeveless sweater for my 13 yo. I hope to finish three of the projects within the week and start on a Fair Isle vest for my partner. Then maybe I’ll take a break and make something for me.

What else? I also spin, weave, crochet, sew, and bead. But knitting is my first love……

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