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  1. It does not smell your, or anyone else’s, crotch. Ever.
  2. It only chases the cat if the cat runs first.
  3. It does not dine from the litter box.
  4. It barks at strangers and then quits when you let them in the house.
  5. It does not beg at the dinner table.
  6. It learns that you will not open the door until it sits.
  7. It sits in front of the door when it wants out.
  8. It comes when you call it.
  9. It leaves when you tell it to do so.
  10. It does not lick you unless you give it permission.

Numbers 1, 3, and 10 are the most important.

oh, and number 11: It likes you best.

Not that it’s a love contest or anything. But if you work out of a home office, it’s nice to have a creature that adores you hanging around.


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  1. Uhhhmmmm sorry my dear but thats an alien you described not a dog!

    Dogs are messy, territorial, predators,goofy and absolutely lovable. Don’t like something it does? Get obediance training for you both.

    There are no bad dogs, just bad owners and slow cats.

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