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A Challenge

Now I know most of you who read this are either friends or relatives so I know you are, mostly, highly creative, intelligent, and funny. I won’t point fingers at those who are not.

So help me. Send me your best ideas for blog entries. Whatever you want. Make it hard, make it easy, challenge me to learn something new, or discuss something old. If you do, I will write it. (unless I find it offensive). And I will put your name in the tags for everyone to see. Just put your idea in the comments for all to see.

Better yet, start your own blog and I’ll write stuff for YOU.


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  1. I’m thinking, I’m thinking.

    I don’t have my own blog because,well I don’t have that much time on my hands or have that much to say.

    Besides, I have no clue how to set one up or post pictures or trust it does not fall into alien hands that would love to roast this little round catholic theologian uppity woman.

    Will get back to you about things to blog later.

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