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Late Night Thinking

The hour or so before bed, when I should actually be sleeping, is the time I do most of my emotional thinking. Not profound thoughts, not witty thoughts, not intellectual thoughts,  just letting my emotions have full rein. I think about old grudges, new hurts, why I find it hard to say things I should say, whether I should take full revenge or forgive. That sort of stuff. Don’t know why it always comes up just before bed. Maybe it’s brain chemistry. Maybe it’s the “thinness of the veil”. Maybe it’s just the dark.
When do you do that sort of thinking?

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  1. Since I spend much of my life with only me, myself and I , I would have to say I think most of my deep thoughts… uh…

    …uh…pretty much all the time. Yup.

    But mostly when I drive off to the Gorge or those few times I make it out of the city in general.

    One thing I am certain of: Life is too short for grudges and revenge, or hatred of any kind.

    Life is also too short for eating icky soggy veggies too.

    See? Two deep thoughts in the space of a moment of my alone time at the ‘puter. Amazin.

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