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Disability Catch-22

just when you think you’ve found a good thing, you find out that there’s always a catch.

Case in point: I have some loans, for our barn, for my scooter, and for my car. On all of those loans I carry disability insurance. When I had the brain injury, I learned that it was important to have insurance in the event of something unthinkable.

But here’s the catch: to activate the insurance, I have to be completely disabled. I’m not completely disabled, I just have a freaking broken wrist, which slows me down a great deal in my writing and indexing. Since indexing is my moneymaker, I’m losing money because I’m going slow. If I stop indexing, I bankrupt my business. If I keep indexing, I might not be able to make my loan payments. Mostly depends on how good I get iat using this software.

So the choice is keep working and maybe go broke and have to file personal bankruptcy, or quit work, collect on the disability and have my loans paid, but lose my business.

Not a nice choice. But the kind of choice millions of Americans face every day in this country. One reason I’m voting for Obama.  That by the way, was the first word I’ve had to enter by hand because voice-recognition doesn’t care who’s running for president and heard his name as  “a bomb.” I certainly hope that’s not a sign of prescience on the part of computer.

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