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Update on the Wrist

I’ve been doing a lot of reading about scaphoid fractures. The bad news is this is a tricky little bastard of a break. There’s not much blood flowing to the bone and if you break it in the wrong place you can kill the bone. I already have one dead bone in my body, the tip of my right thumb. I broke it off one morning getting out of bed, felt it snap, and went to the doctor where  an x-ray revealed the tip of my thumb floating in flesh. it’s not hurting anything, although it’s weird to think about it being there. I’m sure it’s dead by now. It’s been years.

Back to the wrist. Next Monday I find out how bad the break is. If I broke it the “right way,” I may be in a cast for six weeks maybe eight. If I broke up the “wrong way,” I could be in a cast up to six months. And it may require surgery. All this because I put my foot down and there was nothing there. Aging is a bitch.

So, if you are the praying type, or the healing energy type, or any kind of superstitious type, or even some sort of atheist type, send good thoughts my way. I’ve been in this cast for less than a week and seriously have considered bashing it against a rock. What I wouldn’t give for a good shower without a plastic bag involved!

Right now it feels like my arm is swelling, and I can see that my fingers are turning purple. Jenny assures me that this is normal. But she’s never broken her wrist so I question her knowledge of normal. I’ve never broken a wrist either, but it seems to me that all the swelling should be gone by now. The fingers turning purple is probably okay, I know that bruises grow, and I know they grow more when you get older. While there’s a part of me that hates to admit I’m getting older, these bruises on my fingers prove otherwise. I just hope the bruising goes away quickly, because it looks like my hands are dirty but in a purple sort of way. Besides it hurts. Amazing that breaking my wrist did not hurt, but having all the blood drain into my fingers does.

Well it’s almost 3 AM and I think I’ve proved that MacSpeech Dictate works just fine. So off to bed I go so I can get up tomorrow, put a bag on my arm, take an impossible shower, and spend the day talking to my computer. If you ever break your arm, buy a Mac, and get this program. It is truly AMAZING!

By the way, the microphone that comes with the software is so good, even the cheap one, that I have a fan blowing on one side of me, and the TV on the other side, and all the mic picks up is my voice. I should be an an advertiser!


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  1. I think maybe you should consider calling your doctor. Purple fingers are NOT good.

    Btw, how bad does the scooter look now?

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