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Lisa sorta hinted…..

…..that she wanted me to do her like I did Roxie. So, even if she didn’t mean it, here goes.  I met Lisa in Chrysalis when she was about 12. She’s only 14 now. One of the reasons I hate Lisa is that she looks like she’s maybe 25. Certainly not 42 or 43. I’d pick one but I’d pick wrong and then she’d be sarcastic and I’d cry.

Random things about Lisa:

  1. She thinks Roxie can knit her a dog. Out of five measly dog hairs.
  2. She used to be a race car driver. She rolled her car one time too many, methinks.
  3. She is now a landscaper and writer.
  4. Lisa has a demonstration garden in her backyard. So I guess she can deduct her backyard from her taxes? Bet her accountant loves that one.
  5. Lisa is my evil twin.
  6. Despite what Lisa says, I am the good twin.
  7. Lisa blogs at the Tao of Webfoot. There’s a link over there ———->
  8. Lisa is ALMOST as funny as I am, but not nearly as memorable. Just ask our friend Elisabeth.
  9. Lisa is married to a guy named Bob. He’s crazy but in a different way.
  10. Lisa got married in her sister’s backyard, got drunk, and sang Thunder Road with the band. It was hysterical.
  11. Lisa drinks hot chocolate with peppermint schnappes on camping trips in the middle of freaking winter. I know. I was there.
  12. Lisa once told a very impressionable Jenny that we should evacuate our home because the house was surrounded by water. That is one reason I hate Lisa.
  13. Cats. Lots of cats. Check her blog…’s full of cat pictures. I, on the other hand, have only picture of my dog and NONE of my cat. I hate my cat.
  14. Lisa is in my writing group, my knitting group, and now she goes to my church. I think she’s following me.
  15. I want to be Lisa. Only gay.
  16. Lisa is fool enough to say yes to organizing her 25th high school reunion.
  17. Lisa has some pretty cool friends, not the least of which is me.
  18. Lisa’s garden is magnificent. I want one like it. Except I don’t want to have to weed it and I live in a swamp.
  19. Lisa writes about stock car racing for the YA audience. Her books are great. She really captures teens. Maybe because she really is one.
  20. Lisa is going to find something weird in this post and bitch about it. Just watch the comments.
  21. Lisa even makes little animated things with her cats in them. She is so weird.
  22. This girl is definitely one to have with you if you need to move, visit and amuse a sick friend, or want someone to steal your friends away…..
  23. Buy her a beer. I think she likes Moose Drool.
  24. Lisa is a great writer. I have to admit it. Even though I’d like to say otherwise.
  25. Lisa is….well, Lisa. Unique in all the world. Trust me. (using unique in it’s form that means weird!)

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  1. Where do you get your quirky sense of humor? I know you had it before you moved, so you can’t blame the swamp water.
    Great humor. You nailed Lisa.

  2. Yeah! And Lisa makes killer brownies!

  3. lisanowak said:

    I can find nothing to complain about in your post Susan, so there. 😛

    For the record:
    I’m my own accountant, but one of my landscaping clients who is a real accountant was the one who suggested I deduct the back yard expenses.

    I only rolled one car.

    I prefer Terminator to Moose Drool, but both are immeasurably better than Pabst Blue Ribbon, which is a waste of good hops.

    Singing Thunder Road (the Robert Mitchum version) at my wedding was a pre-planned event. And having one glass of champagne hardly qualifies as being drunk. You’re confusing being entertaining with being drunk. I don’t need alcohol to do crazy things. It comes naturally.

    I AM following you because you’re funny and I know you’re a good cook. If I trail you long enough, eventually you’ll have to feed me.

    Thanks for the awesome compliments.

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