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  • Wake Up Little Susie. Do you have any idea how often I have heard this song? It’s been other people’s theme song for me for as long as I can remember.
  • All Through the Night. I sang this to my children every night for years. Jenny and I still sing it, in harmony, during late nights in the car.
  • Hallelujah. Leonard Cohen’s broken Hallelujah (you might remember it from Shrek, sung by Rufus Wainwright) is one of the most moving songs I’ve ever heard. I have recordings of it by Cohen, Wainwright, and k. d. lang.
  • Song of the Soul. Cris Williamson’s spiritual anthem, which has even made it into mainstream churches although I doubt they know it was written by a lesbian.  I want this sung at my funeral. It’s probably the closest I come to having a national anthem for my life.
  • Joyful, Joyful. Beethoven. At my funeral. One of my theme songs. If you know the song, you know why.
  • Take a Leap, John Paul. Judy Fjell’s plea to Pope JP II to come out as a drag queen. I love this song. It makes me laugh. And it pokes fun at the church. I love to poke fun at the church.
  • She Flies On. Common Cup Company’s song about the Holy Spirit was the theme for the World Council of Churches several years ago. Again, at my funeral. Send me off in a big way.
  • Maxwell’s Silver Hammer. My favorite Beatle’s song. I annoy Jenny with this on a regular basis. She deplores the violence. I just enjoy the music and humor. At my funeral? Please? Just to make me laugh? Hey, if Maxwell hits me with a hammer and I die, THEN will you have this at my funeral? It could be arranged, if I knew anyone named Maxwell and had a silver hammer.
  • Harvey and Sheila. I was a big Allen Sherman fan and this is my all-time favorite song of his. When I used to sub in my kids’ school, all the kids knew that I would sing this for them at the end of the day if the day had gone well. All day long I would hear them admonish each other to knock it off or “she” wouldn’t sing the song.
  • American Pie. Another huge favorite. I used to know all the words to the long version. I still try to sing along. I love the lyrics and Don McLean’s creative salute to a fallen star. Hey, when I go, I’ll be a fallen star. Sing this, too!

Okay, here’s the challenge to whomever plans my funeral (in maybe 20-30 years…I’m not in a hurry). Put all of these songs in the funeral. You figure out the order, just put the words in the bulletin so everyone can sing along. Wow! A sing-along funeral. I’m loving it!


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  1. A sing-along funeral? WOW! Uhh, couldn’t we do a sing-along BEFORE you die? I feel guilty looking forward to your funeral.

  2. Ouch, a creepy thing to wake up to, thinking about your funeral.

  3. Too bad that you didn’t podcast this blog so we could download some of the music. Some of it I don’t know, but I’m impressed with your and Jenny’s musical abilities.

    Is the “Hallelujah” the Hallelujah chorus from the Messiah? I’m awed that one is “supposed to stand” when it is played.

    I’ve always wondered how could someone NOT stand, it physically pulls a person to their feet.

    GO Handel!!

  4. Sorry, Barb. While the Hallelujah Chorus is fabulous (especially in Carnegie Hall with half the choir in the balcony), this is the Hallelujah from SHREK. “She tied me to a kitchen chair, she broke my heart, she cut my hair, and from my throat she coaxed an allelulia…..” Something like that….I’ll try to put this music up as a podcast one of these days. My next big challenge.

    As for standing, you do know why don’t you? Because the king stood and everyone then had to stand. But it’s not a Christmas piece. It’s an Easter piece. Oh, well, crazy Christians anyway.

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