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I’ve decided that each day of the week needs a theme, and that the theme will serve as a prompt for my Lenten blogging. I suppose I could just say I already did this (see So Far So Good below) but that feels like cheating, or making up the rules as I go along. So I will now elucidate three theological things I am thinking about right now.

  • Becoming a Unitarian after a lifetime of thinking in terms of the Trinity requires some restructuring of my belief system. Not that it’s been that profound. As I child I thought the Trinity consisted of an Old Guy,  a Dead Guy, and a Bird which made about as much sense as the actual “God in three persons” explanation. Isn’t God in three persons sort of reverse multiple personality disorder? Which may be as good an explanation of God as I can come up with right now.
  • I’m still working on the whole Unitarian thing. I get it that God/dess is one Force, one being, one holy whatever. But where does that put Jesus? And the Holy Spirit? I have an inchoate understanding which I can’t yet articulate. Stand by for more.
  • Someone once told me that Sufism was not tied to any particular religion and that anyone can be a Sufi and still be Christian, Jewish, Muslim, whatever. Which makes me wonder if Christianity, in its following Jesus sense, might not have been intended to be more like Sufism than a religion unto itself. I know there are Sufis out there on my friends list. Maybe one of them will help me understand what I’m trying to say.

Three’s my limit. Sort of a post-Trinitarian trinity of thoughts. Maybe you’d like to share yours?


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  1. Daddio, laddio and the spook? Yeah, the whole three-leaf clover never quite did it for me. Too limiting. I believe that God/dess is bigger than I can conceive, and all beliefs are correct just as long as they realize that they are incomplete. Omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent pretty much covers it all, doesn’t it?

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