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Freaky Friday

At least here on the West Coast it is still Friday for another 56 minutes so I’m sliding right in under the wire. Besides, it’s not Lent yet so it really doesn’t count. Anyway, Fridays may be “Friday Surprise.” When I was a kid, the major local department store had special sales on Friday called, you know it’s coming, “Friday Surprise.” But today is gonna be Freaky Friday because of two things I learned from my oldest daughter. In fact, because I’m terribly lazy after a busy day cooking, cleaning, shopping, and getting my eyes tested, I’m just going to cut and paste from her “25 random things.”

My daughter is married to an Army officer and they currently live in Civil War-era base housing. From the get-go, weird things have happened in this house. When they first moved in, my grandson announced that there was a “Boogalooga” monster living in the basement. This entity was known to turn off the water heater during the night. Since my daughter moved there while her husband was deployed in Iraq, she had to learn to restart the gas water heater within just a few days of moving in. She did the dishes and there was hot water. The next morning, there was none for her shower. Boogalooga had hit.  As if that weren’t enough, there was another entity that didn’t like my daughter’s decorating sense.  Aubrey would place candles where she wanted them, go to bed, and wake to find the candles had been moved. Both of these things happened on more than one occasion. Which leads to number 5 in her random things list:

“5. My house is haunted, we call our ghosts boogalooga and his wife, but I’m told his name is John and her name is Abigail. John stays in the basement because he never came home from the war and Abigail spends a lot of time in “the baby’s room”, now my daughter’s room because she is worried about the baby. On two separate occasions I was locked out of my daughter’s room in the middle of the night. It freaked me out. The creepiest part is that I did some research after I was told all of this, and there was a 1st LT. John Adams who died in WWI leaving behind his wife Abigail and his daughter. They lived in my house.”

The second thing that amazed me was number 22 on her list:

“22. I recently learned that in the finial of the flag at every post there is a match and a bullet, at the base of the flag pole is a revolver. If the post is ever attacked. The last soldier is supposed to burn the flag and shoot himself. Kind of cool, and kind of disturbing.”

I agree with her assessment.


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  1. She is so much your daughter! Hope she and the spirits manage to co-exist successfully.

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