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Monday Musings

  • Why do they call it the Daily Show when everytime I turn it on, it’s the same show I saw yesterday or last week? Does that make sense? Am I suffering from deja vu all over again? Is it brain damage? Am I hallucinating?
  • Why are the Republicans so stubborn? Did they get it that we didn’t want their policies anymore? Which is why we didn’t vote for them? Or is it denial?
  • How can Sarah Palin even think she has a chance at the presidency? Is she stupid or what?
  • Why is it raining? Does the universe want me to hurt?
  • For some reason, I can type better today if I close my eyes. Probably not a good day to try driving.
  • My scooter is all ready to go for spring. Why is it raining? (I don’t trust wet roads yet…the broken wrist is still too fresh in my mind….)
  • And, why, if I didn’t break my hand when I broke my wrist, does my hand hurt so freaking much while my wrist feels pretty good?
  • Suddenly Facebook is helping me find all sorts of folks I’ve lost track of. Not just run-of-the-mill people either. One of my daughters’ god-mothers, one of my best friends from college, a good friend from a church I used to attend, my best friend from high school. I lost the address book in the divorce and haven’t been able to track some of these people down in years. But now they are all safely gathered in, thanks to Facebook.
  • Not much else to muse on today. Feeling tired and groggy. Fibromyalgia sucks.

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  1. Well, see, there you go. Facebook is the trade-off for rain. I don’t suppose you give a rat’s patootie that it’s actually been a very dry winter. We’re in for some rain. I just wish it would warm up a little. It’s been five degrees below average for the past two months.

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