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  • I asked Jenny if it was possible to flunk Lent and she gave me the answer I expected. Every day is a new opportunity to start over and minor failures don’t add up to a major one. That’s so Benedictine but also true. So maybe I’ll even write my thoughts on Ash Wednesday today.  Speaking of failures, the one thing I tried to fail at, I failed at failing. I was mad at my father for pushing me so hard for grades in college and then found out that he flunked a class in college himself. So I decided to quit attending a class I hated with. I got an incomplete. Now, in theory, incompletes convert to Fs after a few years. But mine is still there, thirty plus years later, as an incomplete. So, I am an incomplete failure. Should give me some hope for getting through Lent.
  • Why am I, a Unitarian, so intent on Lenten discipline this year? Perhaps because I need discipline in other areas of my life? Something to explore, anyway.
  • I find myself being judgmental more than I want, and I’d like to work on that, too. That whole “let God/dess judge.” But if judging is wrong, why did God/dess make it so dang fun?

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  1. Okay gals. Yesterday, Ash Wednesday, I got up at 7:00 as per my Lenten offering. I was feeling a great peace, unlike I’d felt for a while. No worries about unemployment, why editors weren’t buying my articles, or what was going to happen in the future.

    So I wrapped up in a blanket and settled back into that peace and 3 more hours of sleep; the best rest I’ve had in I don’t know how long. I awakened feeling alive and whole.

    I grumbled at myself a bit. I don’t think it’s much of a sacrifice to get up at 7, if I”m going back to bed. It reminded me of the Lent that I gave up buying things. So instead of buying my friend’s self-published cookbook, or that spiffy jacket at Foley’s I simply waited until Easter was over, then got it. Big whoop. So much for sacrifice.

    But the extra sleep. It felt right to rest in God’s hand. I wish I’d stay there instead of crawling to the Creator’s fingertips and looking over the edge into the unknown.

    Aaaah??? Maybe that’s my Lenten journey? How to rest in God’s peace. Maybe I’ll spend my mornings contemplating that.

  2. Jenny is ray of sunshine and a rare delilght!

    So you didn’t blog on Ash Wednesday? I notice the world is still on its axis. Just don’t let it happen again? OK?

    I don’t know about the judging thing. It’s the condemning that can be a problem, since we don’t know all the facts. It’s OK to realize that x is acting like a jerk and to avoid x’s jerkiness. It’s not OK to decide that x IS a jerk. Right?

  3. My non-denominational upbringing didn’t lend itself to Lent or Ash Wednesday, so I don’t have any experience with this. I don’t think I’d choose to practice it now, however, for the opposite reason that you’re drawn to it. I have deep wells of discipline, and I use it to deny myself all the time. Heaping on more would probably not be a good idea. I’ve already got people lecturing me to relax and not be so hard on myself.

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