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A New Goal

A. J. Jacobs is insane. He wrote a book called The Know-It-All which chronicles his  time spent reading the whole Encyclopedia Britainica. The book is fabulous and his index is hysterical. So there is goal one. I’m going to index each of my novels, just to be, well, novel. Now he has another book, The Year of Living Biblically which chronicles exactly what it says. I have yet to read this one but can’t wait until I get a chance.

In the face of these monstrous challenges, my new goal will seem small and paltry. But I have 1,327 songs on my G1 phone (that’s the T-Mobile version of the iPhone) and I intend to listen to every one of them at least once. Since most of us are creatures of habit, and listen to the same favorites over and over, this will be a new thing for me. Some of that stuff on there I’ve never even heard.

I know it is small, but that is what I’m gonna do.


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  1. A commitment that’s music to my ears. I hear you sister! (My ignorance is vast. How could you get music you have never even heard on your player?)

  2. Lisa Nowak said:

    That and learn how to make a link, right?

  3. So how’s it going?

  4. Did the phone come with music on it? Starbucks used to give away an i-tune with every purchase. I snatched them up, because I thought of it as a bonus to take advantage of. I downloaded them. It was about a year later before I listened to them and deemed 98% of them crap. I hope your musical archive turns out better than mine.

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