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Good Dog Gwyneth

Good Dog Gwyneth

You probably think I’m talking about the illustrious Gwyneth and that photo does make it appear that she’s learned a new trick. Namely, “COME.” But, alas, she is no better at that one than she is at most others. Well, there is “BEG,” but she does that whether we ask her to or not.

Nope, the “she” in the title is me. I’ve got a new camera, I’m learning how to use it, and I just figured out how to put a photo on my blog. So, today’s photo of the day is over there to the left. Cool, huh?


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  1. Lisa Nowak said:

    Yay! You’d think you were a computer major or something. 😛

    Seriously, I’m glad you got a camera and that you figured out how to post photos. They really enhance a blog. Barb is a great example of that.

  2. Thanks L.
    But I use other people’s photos because I’m too lazy to upload my own. I did get up early and take a few pictures of the dawn. Haven’t you enjoyed them?

    Oh! I guess you can’t because I’m still too lazy to upload them.

    Good job Susan. You figure it all out and I’ll be over for a lesson.

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