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  1. A ballerina or a princess. Isn’t this every little girl’s dream? Actually, I did grow up to be a ballerina for awhile. Then I got married, had kids, got fat. Even then, I still danced twice in Vancouver Dance Company’s productions. Once as a parent in the nutcracker. Once as a lead in an original ballet. My oldest daughter was in both producation, my middle daughter was in the Nutcracker.
  2. A chemist. I mentioned this before. I wanted to be Madame Curie and discover something important. I also wanted to blow things up. Instead, I lit myself on fire. Thus ended a beautiful and Nobel-prize-winning career.
  3. An anthropologist.  Actually, I’ve become one of sorts. I’ve always been totally fascinated with culture and I do a lot of study and research about various aspects of culture. I like to think of myself as an anthropologist of religion and have conducted informal field studies in airports, Girl Scout meetings, anywhere I find someone who is or was a member of some religion I know little about.
  4. A priest. Of course I was a child in the dark ages and the Episcopal church was not ordaining women priests back then. Had I been raised Unitarian Universalist, I probably would have become a minister. I still want to be a minister but now I’m old. Besides, I only really want to preach and teach and write and I get to do that anyway. I don’t want to go to meetings or be nice to people or raise money.
  5. A French teacher.  I used to speak very good French. I’ve forgotten most of it although if I read it for awhile the illusion of literacy returns. But I was in love with one of my high school French teachers and wanted to be her. Would have been so much easier if I’d just admitted I was gay.
  6. Dale Evans. I know. Nobody wants to be Dale Evans. But I did. I even had an Official Dale Evans cowgirl outfit, complete with guns. Although my horse looked more like Trigger than Buttermilk. Not too fond of Appaloosas. I even wanted to have 10 kids like she did (but not with Roy.) However, I had one and that just about wore me out. I went on to have a total of three which made me quite exhausted. Glad i didn’t have 10.
  7. An archeologist. Okay, so I liked dinosaurs. And I liked ruins. And I liked dirt and digging. I was a natural.
  8. A writer. As long as I can remember I wanted to write. But I didn’t start writing professionally until I was in my 30s. Had to get over some shyness issues and fear of letting people know who I was. I’m so over it now. Much to many people’s annoyance. So this was a success. I am a writer.
  9. A lawyer. Yep. Wanted to be one of those too. Until I decided that, like my grandfather, I was too ethically challenged to be an attorney. I have ethics. That’s the challenge. Plus, after I took Constitutional Law I never wanted to write another brief or read another case as long as I lived.
  10. A superhero. But one that no one knew was a superhero. I wanted to save the world as a humanoid who looked like a regular human but was really an alien with super powers and altruism. My fascination with all things alien dates back to third grade. I don’t know why. It just does.

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  1. Wow. Pretty interesting. No I didn’t want to be a ballerina because I heard that their toes bled from walking on them so much. I wanted to be Miss America. I made my own sashes and practiced smiling so I didn’t look like a grinning possum. I also vowed to find a way to keep the tiara on my head. It thought the winners looked pretty stupid walking down the runway and groping their noggis because the crown kept falling off.
    I was stumped by what I could do for the talent contest. I had no known talents. I guess that’s why I never became Miss America.
    Now, if I would have taken ballet like you….maybe that bleeding toe thing would have been worth it.

  2. What I wanted to be when I grew up was
    1. Jesus
    2. A Christian martyr in Russia, where I’d wash Stalin’s feet.
    3. A Christian martyr in Latin America, where I’d join Che Gueverra bringing help to the disenfranchized poor.
    4. A missionary to the poor in Calcutta (no I hadn’t heard of Mother Theresa.)
    5. A Christian in prison in China being tortured for my faith.
    6. A Christian missionary to any of the millions of ignorant, helpless, clueless, non European, non White, non educated non Christians that lived out there waiting for salvation.
    7. A Christian missionary in Mexico helping the poor learn better agricultural methods so they wouldn’t be so poor.
    8. A barefoot, pregnant farmer’s wife in Klamath Falls (I don’t know why there and I didn’t figure in frostbite)

    One might say I had an extremely narrow view of the world

  3. Whoops, it sent before I was ready.

    5b. A Christian missionary in Saudi Arabia where people weren’t allowed to talk about Jesus.

    I did know I wasn’t especially fond of the idea of being a hose/tube/pipe through which God’s love flowed to others, since I also wanted to be human and count myself.

    Did I mention we entertained lots of missionaries from the time I was an infant and they made a little bit of an impact on my psyche.

    When I was still alive at 33, I was confused, I had lived longer than Jesus–now what was I to do ?

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