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Photo of the Day

Well, Beaver Creek is swelling and threatening to overflow it’s banks again. Whoever said they wanted more snow will be tarred and feathered as soon as I remember who they are.  But the rain does make for some interesting scenes, like this one from our latest jaunt to the nearby dog park.

p1000180 In case you are wondering, the field is, well, a field. The lake is a field with water on it. The chair is the only chair in the whole friggin’ park and, as you can see, the chair is in the middle of the “lake.” Not that Gwyneth cares. But the chair seems to have lost its usefulness in several inches of water (and I assume mud).


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  1. Great photo. Surprised there isn’t a dog wading out to the chair, though. Or was one self-immersion in frigid water enough for her?

    Do not ask Lisa what to do this time, OK?

  2. Hmmm. I thought the Scouts carried that chair back into the woods. Maybe it walked out on it’s own two legs to get a drink?

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