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  1. Call a friend in Missoula who called me last week and asked me to call back. The problem is two-fold. I never remember until late at night and I hate the phone.  Besides, I know she wants us to come for dinner in JULY so I figure the RSVP period has barely started. On the other hand, we’ve been friends since junior high so I do need to overcome the phone phobia and call her. Her name is Maggie and my youngest child is also a Maggie. So it’s a pretty close relationship as you might guess. She and I not only live in different time zones, we live in different technology zones. I’m all about email, twitter (@susanls if you care), and blogging. She still writes letters, real ones, with stamps, and uses the phone.
  2. Make copies of my thesis. I finally found it. I can’t find the computer copy. I need several hard copies, stored in different places. I have a copier. What’s stopping me? Lethargy. And I vowed to work on that this Lent. So I moved it up near the top of the list.
  3. Get pages ready for writer’s group. I haven’t been for a couple weeks, and the last time I was there I brought a sex scene. I need to move on, get over my own embarrassment, and get some pages ready to go. Should be easy. I’ve got that part of the book written. In fact, most of the book is written except, naturally, the hard parts which I am still researching.
  4. Send an email to a friend i want to have lunch with. I’m shy. Even in email. But I will do this one soon.
  5. Clean house. My oldest daughter and her family will be here on Thursday and I need to clean house, make a birthday cake for my granddaughter who is turning 11, and buy some gifts. Fortunately, the house only needs to have the kitchen island, family room, and my office mucked. The rest is passing fair.
  6. Call my minister about the Maundy Thursday service we are doing together next week. We’ve sort of got it planned but we’ve still got some tweaking to do.
  7. Get started on plans for Summer Sundays which I’m in charge of. I need to email the other person-in-charge and figure out how we want to approach this. Our minister gets the summer off and the lay ministers run the services. I was second in charge last year. This year I’ve got the responsibility. Yikes!
  8. Send an email to a client to remind them that I’m still here and still want to work for them. A couple weeks ago they said they’d have some work for me in a few weeks. Just want to remind them of the fact.
  9. Write some  short articles. I’ve got some little assignments, of the easy peasy variety. i just need to write them. Make a quick $100. Why do I always work to deadline? Why can’t I learn to work ahead of deadline?
  10. Blog! always. And take photos. I’m trying to teach myself to see and photography is a great teacher. So I’m going to take pictures of things tomorrow. Should I choose red things or kitchen things?

Five things I’m grateful for:

  1. Writing assignments, even if they are little.
  2. The promise of at least one new book project and maybe another.
  3. That my daughter and her family are on their way here from Kansas.
  4. My favorite sweatshirt is clean and in the dryer.
  5. Time to think and write
  6. A good conversation I had with Jenny tonight (I know, that’s six, but better to be overly grateful than not)

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  1. Lisa Nowak said:

    Motivation, that sweet source of impetus. Fortunately, I have plenty. Except when it’s the last day of March and we’re still experiencing early February weather.

    I’m taking a chance with this comment. My guess is that it won’t post. Akismet is messing up and seeing me as a spammer. Some blogs, like the Chrysalis one, I can comment on. Others, like Barb’s, I can’t. I’ve emailed them twice and they’re ignoring me. You don’t know how frustrating it is to squeeze a few sacred moments out of your day to respond to someone’s blog post only to have the comment vaporize in cyberspace.

  2. That time zone thing is hard. I notice on Twitter, folks are signing off and saying good-night and it’s only 7 here, so I feel like we are the night owls of the continent.

    Congrats on the assignments. And good luck with Holy week. I’m usually sad to see Lent end. It’s my favorite liturgical season. I’m not sure what that says about me. I think I’ll do a labyrinth walk next week, while you’re putting the final touches on services.

  3. So pick up the phone right now and call her.

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