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img_9749 So I’m cleaning off a memory card so I  can donate it and the camera it fits to the church religious ed program, and I find this. I started these socks in 2003. Yes, I know. That’s six years ago. I love these socks, and I actually know where the little buggers are, and I’m pretty sure I can find the pattern because I did organize all the knitting mags when we moved, but I’m afraid. These things are HARD. And I lost my way. Can I find it again?

I think I’ll pack these up and take them to knitting at Roxie’s this Saturday. Maybe she can tell me where I am. Roxie? You listening?


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  1. Wow! Those look great. I’m a member of the wierd socks club and those would fit right into our membership, finished or unfinished. Here’ hoping that you can outfit them with toes.

  2. Yup, here and on it. Shouldn’t be too hard. Bring ’em on!

  3. Lisa Nowak said:

    That’s it, get Roxie to finish them…

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