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Look What I Got!

P1000861 For some time now I’ve been begging for kittens. We have Good Dog Gwyneth, and we have Sophie, the cat that hates me, and I wanted some kittens that would like me. As I speak, the little boy is sitting on my shoulder, grooming me. I think he likes me. I know he likes Gwyneth. The girl is a bit more standoffish, and not quite so sure what to make of the dog, but she’s tucked under my desk close by. She pokes her head out to check on Gwyneth from time to time, but doesn’t seem inordinately upset by the dog. Gwyneth thinks the kittens are the best toys ever. Sophie, of course, has her nose out of joint and is ignoring the office party.

A friend and I were on our way to our silent writing group and Jenny called to tell me she had just passed a sign reading “Free Kittens.” Should she stop? YES! I came home to these two. So far they are unnamed. Jenny has suggested Adam and Eve, Samson and Delilah, Abelard and Heloise (I MIGHT go for Abeloise and Heloard), and something else equally biblical-ish. I’m thinking Frick and Frack. But nothing is decided. The boy is a lover. He’s the one on the right, with the darker, more pronounced markings. The little girl is still skittish but puts up nicely with being held….when you can find her.

I’m in kitty heaven. THANK YOU, JENNY! (and they are both grey, Lisa!)


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  1. Ahhhhh. I want a kitten too. These little fellas make me laugh, watching them pounce and jump at their own reflection. It’s kitty heaven at your house.

  2. Kittings! Baby kittings! Squeeee! Bonnie and Clyde? Smudge and Smoke? Bob and Weave? Iambic Pentameter and Dactylic Hexameter?

  3. Ahhhhhhhh!!! So cute and cuddly!! My son always wanted to use the names Pete and Repete (Repeat!). Had a friend who named hers Odds and Evens. Another did In and Out.
    Another Who and What. Still another did Dawn and Juan (Don Juan–get it??)

  4. Lisa Nowak said:

    Cheech and Chong. Itchy and Scratcy. Mulder and Scully. Scotch and Soda. Ford and Chevy.

    Didn’t I tell you the males were the friendliest? Most female cats I’ve had were more standoffish than the males. Just give her lots of snuggles and maybe she’ll come around.

    I can’t wait to see them!

  5. laurakmarshall said:

    They are so cute! Makes me want to run out and get a couple. I know the boys would love that
    Enjoy your new baby’s but don’t forget to get a little writing done. 🙂

  6. I also have two name suggestions. Lucky and Happy. Those are my two kittens.
    God bless you!

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