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Kitten Alert

basket cats 1 The one on the left is Abby, named for Abigail Schuto on NCIS. The other one was going to be Ziva, the trained assassin, but Jenny has a bias against boys with girls’ names and insisted he be called Zorro.  When he’s really annoying, he becomes Zero.  Here are some interesting kitten factoids specific to these two kittens:

  • Maggie calls them Cupcake and Squidget
  • Squidget, er, Zorro, has already been trapped in the refrigerator. Obviously he has figured out how to zip through doors when nobody is looking.
  • I now compulsively check the freezer every time I open it.
  • Because I scream so loud when they try to climb my bare legs, they are both learning the words NO and DOWN
  • Good Dog Gwyneth thinks they are her puppies. She grooms them and follows them around to keep them safe.
  • Sophie, the evil cat, is starting to be sort of interested in them.  Mostly to hiss at them, but sometimes to stalk them.
  • Abby loves to play. Zorro not so much.
  • Abby is clearly the smarter of the two. Zorro is the lover.
  • Unlike every other cat we’ve had, these two love yarn, sleep in yarn, climb on the loom, chew on the drive band on the spinning wheel. I think they’ll love it the next time I dye….painted cats anyone?

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  1. Oh squeeee! Kittings in yarn basket! I may need insulin, they are soooo sweet!

    Let me know when you are going to dye? I want to play too.

    Gwennyth needed something to tend. It was good of you to give her those odd puppies.

    Lots of pictures, please.

  2. I saw the CCC play last night and they were seeking homes for 2 kittens. Be still my heart! One was a black cutie pie (female) with milk dripping mark on lip and white paws! (I have seen many like this in my life!) The other was a fetching femal feline in a lovely creme color with gary/brown face and paws but short hair that looked like Himalayan one here:

    Of course, kittens received lots of ahhhhs from the crowd and were snatched up!
    I have had many, many, MANY cats in my life and find females easiest and friendliest. (At one time had 12 little furries)
    Enjoy your babies! They bring love and relaxation!!

  3. indextronaute said:

    I was wondering about your kitty friends. Thanks for the update.

    We have just taken in a 9 year old male who has been shuffled around a bit since his owner died in January. He has been integrating pretty well, but cried a lot last night. I think he’ll be fine as he settles in and realizes he isn’t moving again. He is a sweetheart!

  4. What is it about kittens that make us drop our worries and believe that creation is indeed good.
    Thanks for the reminder.

  5. Lisa Nowak said:

    Purring is the sound that love makes when it leaks out of a cat.

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