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So, three days into the New Year and I’ve been keeping up with my Creative Every Day goal.  In the past few days I’ve spun many yards of yarn (lovely silks, merino, bamboo, and mohair), wrote a call to worship (a sort of very-mini sermon), agreed to preach in a couple weeks and started figuring out what I’m going to say, have done some “art” in my journal, and knit two rows of a complicated stitch and then tore out four rows of the same, all in the dark while watching Sherlock Holmes. I also did some creative kvetching about the new Sherlock Holmes movie until I figured out that they were young Holmes and Watson for a reason. Then I came up with some equally brilliant excuses why I didn’t get that in the beginning.

I also did another post on my not-favorite non-pastime, football.

There. I’m creative. Pour me a beer. Wait. I don’t like beer. Pour me some Baileys. Hell, why wait for you? I can pour it myself.

Oh, yeah, I also conned Pat and Hallie into bringing us dinner by agreeing to teach them how to crochet. Wow! I’ve got skills.


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  1. You’ve been so creative in the new year already! I think I’m jealous 😉

    Please consider posting photos of those hand-spun yarns and complicated stitches. I have yarn cravings, especially in this cold season. 🙂

  2. I’m impressed. It’s a good thing I can’t cook and already know how to crochet.

  3. Great blog and blog entry.
    enough said.

  4. What creative stuff have you been doing this week?

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