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Okay, so I’m late. I’ve been busy. Yes, I was playing a new MMORPG, but that’s not all. This week my creative efforts have centered on writing a sermon. I’ve had this idea gestating for a few months but was hoping to preach it in April or May. Then a hole in the worship schedule wound up putting me on for January 24. Can you say pre-term birth?  As a result, I’ve been reading, talking to folks, and jotting notes and ideas. It’s going to be tight, but I’m going to have it together in time. Just need one thesis statement and then good to go.

I also carried on both parts of a conversation with Good Dog Gwyneth in which we determined that a) in her mind, it’s all about me and b) in our minds, the cats think it’s all about them.

Working on cleaning my office and finding lots of lost items which will allow me to be more creative when the desktop is finally found. However, new books on my desk (the kind I work on, not the kind I read for pleasure) may short-circuit desk cleaning for a while.

Oh, and I bought a new pair of tap shoes. My old ones have heels and I’m way too old to wear heels if I value my ankles, which I do. So I bought a pair of jazz taps. As soon as Christmas is put away (we celebrate through Epiphany) and I can find the office floor where Santa’s workshop lives right now, a wood floor will be built out of leftover laminate so I have a tap floor. (Right now I have to go outside since the taps will ruin the wood floors, and I won’t go outside because it’s raining.) (and, yes, my office is big enough to tap in…besides it’s the only room tap will be allowed in unless I build lots of tap floors which, while creative, I’m not going to do.)

On other fronts, more yarn has been spun, more knitting has been done (with less frogging), and more words have been written. Nothing spectacular, although I did choose yarn for a couple of baby projects for the impending new grandchild.

Hey, since birthing and raising the babe’s mom was a creative endeavor,  I think I should get credit for some part of creating the baby. Are you with me?

And I fessed up to a speeding ticket. Not sure how creative that is, but that’s two in one month. Both in Milwaukie. That town needs revenue.


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  1. Lisa Nowak said:

    Milwaukie changed its speed zone, extending it on the south end of town by about half a mile. Evil, sneaky dogs! I was really annoyed about it for probably 3 weeks, but I’ve gotten over it. Sort of.

  2. They had their speed trap on King road outed by chanel 2 news, so they had to find another way to keep the income coming in. It’s either that, or raise my taxes, and you know which option I favor. I drive like an old woman anyhow, so it’s no problem for me.

  3. Tap shoes? Did you say tap shoes? Sooz, you totally rock!!

    And the dog is right. It IS all about you!

    Did I ever thank you for all the awesome handspuns? I look at them and just smile and smile!

  4. Hey, thanks for the heads up about the change in the speed zones and the speed trap.

    Hooray for desk finding activities, I have a snorkel you can borrow if you need it to dive deep among the paperwork.

    I have a pair of black patent taps. When I was 25, I thought it would be fun to learn. Took a class with a bunch of agile 6 year old showoffs. I boxed up the taps, not because I couldn’t shuffle the snot out of the 6 year olds, but because it was so darn much work. What an aerobic work out.

    So, I’m with Roxie. You GO girl.

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