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Sabbath Musings

Hi. My name is Susan and I’m a workaholic. (Hi, Susan) For many years now, I’ve had my own business. Working for yourself is dream many share, but it’s got some fairly predictable downsides. For example, the clock never strikes quitting time. If you have work, you are working. If you don’t have work, you are trying to find work. And, if you are a workaholic like me, you never know when to quit. So, for the last few years, I’ve tended to work daily, long hours, without vacations or even days off, most of the time. Even when traveling, I often take a computer with me and work.

So, approaching the first weekend of the new decade, my partner issued an ultimatum. If I didn’t take one day off a week, she would be really mad at me. I know. Not the biggest threat ever made. And she has been really mad at me before for other reasons. But I decided to take her seriously.

The first weekend solved itself. We had parties to attend, parties to throw (although the work was minimal as we’d had another party just the night before), and I pretty much did nothing except attend parties.  At the party on Sunday, my official Sabbath day, a friend and I cooked up a new business venture, but we didn’t actually act on it until Tuesday so I observed Sabbath in its entirety.

Today is my second Sabbath of 2011. I am writing for pleasure, avoiding work, and plan to spend some time being crafty. I like this new trend. Yesterday, I even avoided work most of Saturday as well. Maybe I’ll work my up to observing weekends again.

There are very good reasons behind Sabbath practice, and although I’ve written and preached on Sabbath observance on numerous occasions, I had fallen out of the habit of observing Sabbath myself.  Being a freelancer is a lot of work, with only yourself to rely on to make the income needed. My habit, though, was working myself into a total dithering collapse, and then trying to work anyway.

Now, with a bit of prodding from She-Who-Will-Be-Mad, I already find myself looking forward to a day of complete rest. In fact, I’ve decided that, within the confines of that which must be done to pay the bills, I will make this, my 60th year on the planet, a Sabbath year. I don’t really know what that will look like, but I do have some goals:

  • Observe Sabbath every week.
  • Take a real vacation, sans computer, for at least a week this year.
  • Find time for creative pursuits every day.
  • Spend time reflecting on the last 59 years and decide what would make the next few decades worthwhile.
  • Keep this dang blog up, not because I have to, but because I want to.

Anyway, that’s it for today. More to come I’m sure. I now return you to your regular programming which includes

Things I Learned Today:

  • My first book (which I reread in the wee small hours) needs a major revision of the first two chapters.
  • My second book (also read early this morning) needs some major plot reworking toward the end.
  • My third book is pretty danged good. At least the first three chapters. I fell asleep in chapter four, not because I was bored but because I took serious pain meds and they do that to me.
  • It’s Sabbath and I can revel in a life of creativity and rest.

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  1. Lisa Nowak said:

    Hey, I’d be willing to swap a manuscript critique. Not the line-edit type, just for content. If you think you could fit that into your insane schedule.

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