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I am currently spending a lot of time reading e-pub books. For those not in the know, e-publishing is the wave of the future. Don’t worry. I don’t see the demise of the book any time soon, but e-publishing takes the power away from New York publishers and puts it where it belongs: with the writers.

Anyway, my friend Lisa recommended an author named Amy Rose Davis. I hunted her down on the ‘net and downloaded, for a minimal price, her novella, Silver Thaw. First off, living in the land of the silver thaw, I have to say I love the title. Davis lives in this area too, I believe, and chose the right title. A silver thaw, as I said yesterday, is beautiful but deadly.  And that’s what this story is.

Basically a retelling of ancient myth, the story revolves around a mysterious girl with a voice that can…well, read it and find out. At 28,ooo words, this book is an evening’s easy read. It’s a beautiful story, beautifully written. This last is important because a lot of self-published books are shoddily written, with little to no editing, and the reader is the last to know, after she’s plunked down her money. But I found this little book a gem.

Davis has a book coming out soon, also self-published, called Ravenmarked. I will definitely buy it. It’s authors like Davis that are going to give self-publishing a great reputation.


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  1. “Silver Thaw” sounds like a great one- I wouldn’t mind checking it out myself. First I have to finish reading “Pink Noise: A Posthuman Tale” by Leonid Korogodski which is a great sci-fi novel that is a psychological thriller/adventure set in
    the future. A battle takes place both in the physical realm and in the mind… pretty darn good.

  2. Lisa Nowak said:

    Hey, how about posting a review at and Smashwords?

  3. Susan Landis-Steward said:

    Already did. Geez. You think I’ve got all the time in the world?

  4. Lisa Nowak said:

    Huh. I was just at Amazon like two seconds ago and didn’t see it.

  5. […] This blogger is especially proud of the review she wrote for Amy Rose Davis’s Silver Thaw:  read it here […]

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