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  1. Make people laugh.
  2. Make people think.
  3. Make my kids and grandkids proud (although the grandkids shouldn’t read it until they’re older).
  4. Change someone’s perceptions in a positive way.
  5. Pay for someone to clean the bathrooms.
  6. Entertain someone on a long flight.
  7. Help someone feel less crazy.
  8. Keep someone awake all night.
  9. Get better with each book.
  10. Achieve world peace (with apologies to Miss Americas everywhere)

Comments on: "Ten Things I Want My Writing to Accomplish" (4)

  1. Gina Blechman said:

    Well, I must say that if my writing could acheive all of those things, I would be very VERY happy. Good luck to you with your attempts at world peace. If you figure out the solution, please let us know. 🙂

    ~Fellow crusader, Gina Blechman

  2. Love your header pic and colors! I’m on the crusade too and running around trying to say hi to everyone *waves*

    Love this post by the way!

  3. Lessee – 1.yep 2.yep 3.I don’t know your grandkids. 4.You did that. 5. Not yet 6. I wouldn’t be surprised. 7. No doubt 8.All night? 9. yep 10. I wish it would!

  4. Hey, crusader! Wow, that’s quite a list of wants! But I recently read something really great… “The most important thing about goals is having one.” So at least you know what you want!
    Looking forward to keeping up with you and Puddletown Publishing Group through the crusade (and after :-])

    xx R

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