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Well, it’s not really an Ivory Tower, it’s more like a big hill. Or as folks on the East coast are wont to call them, a mountain. And, yes, there’s a whole city up here. Half of which is also Down There, at the river level. But because I have everything I need Up Here, I seldom go Down There. Except to see my dentist.

So, we’re still having winter up here. Just two weeks ago it snowed. This is what we see here.



Just the barest hint of flowering. But yesterday, while at the dentist, this  is what I saw just 500 feet below:

They were everywhere. Along with forsythia, camellias, star magnolias, and, yes, dandelions. Everything was rioting spring. It made me so happy.

I work at home, alone, with a dog and three cats to amuse me. It’s finally warm enough (mid 50s) for me to have my door open most of the day. (And, yes, because we live on a creek, I saw my first mosquito as well.) Working in isolation all day, and often into the night as my partner travels a lot, I forget how much life and beauty there is out there.

In fact, sometimes I forget how beautiful our house is. I just sit in my office, writing, editing, and publishing, trying to juggle all the plates without dropping one. Sad that it took a trip to the dentist to remind me that I really need to get out more. Out of my house, off the hill, out of my desk chair.

Balance, it’s called. And I am sadly out of it. This impacts me in many ways. I start to lose perspective, I forget to take care of myself, I sometimes even forget to eat. And I definitely lose track of days of the week and seasons of the year.

So, maybe it’s time I figured out how to put some balance back. Any ideas? How do you maintain balance when you are super busy?


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  1. very difficult – I am happy to be a hermit but I know it’s bad for me and for my writing – after all it was life experince that enabled me to write – I belong to a few groups who meet monthly – living history – writing -quizz – a couple of weekly ones – lace making and singing so I do have to at least meet others (some are in my house) and go out.

    I spend too much time in my garden and not enough time in the great outdoors!! but i like the close observation one gets from just sitting on a wall silently watching

    your scenery I think is probably more impressive than mine (live in flatlands!) but from all we can draw inpsiration

  2. You’re right. Balance is so important. Maybe you could consider setting a goal, for example: between 10am & 2pm I will go for a 10 minute walk. That will at least help you get out of the house every day! Best of luck with finding your balance. 😉

  3. Somedays, the only taste of nature I get is when I go to the end of the driveway to get the newspaper. If it’s a pleasant morning, I linger.

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