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D is for Dunce

Dunce. That would be me. I’ve got this A to Z thing all mixed up. Here’s how I understand it: Starting on April 1, with Sundays off for good behavior, that means today should be E is for ? and yesterday should have been D. However, I jumped the gun and did A before April even started. Now I got busy yesterday and didn’t do D. So today I have to do D and E. On the other hand, some fellow A to Zers are already on F. I’m confused. Which may explain the dunce cap.

This blogpost brought to you buy Dunkin’ Donuts, dongle (which is not what you may think it is), dandelions, and dauber. It is also brought to you by Roman numeral D, French nombres deux et dix, and Spanish numeros dos y diece. The English language has no numbers that start with D. At least none that I can think of.


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  1. Take the hat off immediatly – no dunce what with aussies already getting ready to post G before UK has posted F who’s to say your D doesnt fit in perfectly!!!!

  2. Lisa Nowak said:

    Those of us who know the rules feel free to break them at will. I started on Sunday and I’m doing my letters in batches. AND I’m letting my characters do the blogging for me, since I’m far too lazy.

  3. D is for dozen, dual and do-able.

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