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E is for Electricity

In addition to all the great photos taken of my gorgeous granddaughter, Wonder Babe, some foolio took a picture of this. Yes. This was in the delivery room.

So, today a shout out to electricity. Not just in delivery rooms, but in my house, and out on the road, and everywhere. Without it, I’d be dead (it takes electricity to jump start a heart), my daughter would most likely be brain damaged (thank you, fetal monitor), and I wouldn’t be writing this. At least not on a computer. And given the state of the arthritis in my hand from a slight accident on a two-wheeled motorized vehicle that will not be discussed but did involve casts and things, I’d not be writing at all if it weren’t for my ergonomic keyboard, and occasionally my voice recognition software.

Of course, electricity is problematic. Think Fukushima, Japan. But a guy named Nikola Tesla, a contemporary of Edison and Westinghouse, figured out a way to give free electricity to everyone with no need for an intermediary source. Unfortunately, corporate America owned his soul (and more importantly his patents) even back around the turn of the last century. Makes me wonder what other miracles are out there being hidden away.

Read more about Tesla and the early days of commercial electricity (not counting Ben Franklin and that whole kite/key thing) here.

Or read the first book I ever read about the man here. There are plenty of other books about him as well, but back in 1972, there was just one. But you owe it to your self and future generations to know about this guy. And, I believe, he still holds the record for number of patents awarded.


This post brought to you by elephants, eccentrics, endomorphs, eagles, and elementals. Also by the numbers eight and eighty-eight.


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  1. what an interesting link – thank you – can’t pretend I understood all the tec. bits but what is a great shame is how many great men lose out and end up dead alone in hotel rooms while others garner the glory -shame indeed.

  2. Tesla was definitely oriented to a different gravitational axis.

  3. Wow, when you stop and think about it, electricity really does contribute so much to our lives, doesn’t it? For example, I couldn’t be having this ‘conversation’ with you if it wasn’t for electricity. Thank goodness it exists! 😉

  4. e is for electronic, electronic publishing that is. Tesla looks like d is for dapper. clever post, me matey.

  5. Interesting post! Electricity is so important these days–so many people use it.

    Thanks for the links about Tesla.

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