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More About Me

  1. I once withheld information from a federal officer and got caught.
  2. I was arrested in a cemetery when I was in high school.
  3. The cops made my date’s parent, and mine, come and get us.
  4. My date’s father was drunk and told the cop so.
  5. The cop still made him come get us, which involved driving while drunk.
  6. Then the cop let us go.
  7. So lame.
  8. I speak French.
  9. I fake good in Spanish
  10. I studied German, Japanese, and Persian.
  11. I can say “Be careful not to fart” in Farsi.
  12. I am experimenting with various spellings of my name in an attempt to undefine myself.
  13. I don’t really know what that means yet.
  14. I believe that naming is important, in many ways, and I am unnaming myself? Change-naming myself? Hell, I don’t know what I’m doing.
  15. I love ice cream.
  16. My favorite food is Dim Sum.
  17. I’m an excellent cook.
  18. Especially Chinese food.
  19. I love women’s music, baroque music, jazz, old rock-and-roll, and folk music.
  20. My birthday is two days after Christmas.
  21. I was born in 1951.
  22. I’m an old fart.
  23. Jenny is five years older than me.
  24. Except for three weeks when she is six years older.
  25. I rub it in every day for those three weeks.
  26. I’m mean.
  27. I know it.
  28. I used to be able to ride a bike in the snow while carrying a 3×4 foot drawing board in both hands.
  29. The last time I rode a bicycle, I immediately fell off.
  30. I have a brain injury. Duh!
  31. I have two sisters.
  32. My parents are both dead.
  33. Helping people die is a profound experience.
  34. No, that does not mean I am a murderer.
  35. My ex-husband’s family had murderers in it.
  36. My family just has some Mafia connections.
  37. Distant ones. But the Rat Pack was involved.
  38. I used to be newspaper reporter.
  39. I quit one story because it involved the Mafia.
  40. I did not want to be involved with the Mafia.
  41. I once scooped the Associated Press.
  42. I won some journalism awards.
  43. Also some writing awards.
  44. Real ones.
  45. I also used to teach college. Several subjects.
  46. I love knitting socks.
  47. I spin my own yarn.
  48. When I was young, I wanted to be an archaeologist.
  49. Or a chemist.
  50. Or a French interpreter.
  51. Instead I’ve been a waitress.
  52. A computer analyst.
  53. A college professor.
  54. A teacher (elementary school)
  55. A journalist.
  56. An indexer.
  57. A dental assistant.
  58. A freelance writer.
  59. A mom.
  60. A grandmother.
  61. A wife.
  62. A partner.
  63. A swim instructor.

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  1. Is there going to be “Even More About Me?” I predict it will have 31 entries.

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