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Did you write that?

Have you seen my keys?

Are all the cats in?

Can the dog go with you?

Do you have any money?

Can I use your car?

Do you want to go see the grand baby?

What’s for dinner?

Are you working?

Do you have a minute?

Have the animals been fed?

Mom, will you get me (insert item here)?

What’s that noise?

Which one of you is the guy?

Do you believe in God?

Are you a Christian?

Have you been saved?



Please feel free to add your own.

Comments on: "FAQs" (4)

  1. Susan Landis-Steward said:

    What is Maude wearing behind that sign?

    Did you say something?

  2. Would you volunteer for….(fill in the blank)

  3. Susan Landis-Steward said:

    Would you consider being Senior Warden again? (This one’s for Barb)

  4. Susan Landis-Steward said:

    Are you busy?

    Who says?

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