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August 6, 2008

Welcome to the Circle by Betsy Rose

Mamma Mia! soundtrack

Cast On podcast (great knitting podcast…and by a lesbian yet!)

Same Old Slippers by Judy Fjell

This Side/That Side by Judy Fjell

This American Life podcast (because I always miss it on the radio)

Speaking of Faith with Krista Trippet podcast

(It’s so great to work for yourself and listen to great stuff all day long!) (Which, I must admit, includes reruns of NCIS….I love Pauly Peret and what’s-her-name who plays Ziva. And Gibbs is not bad either, for a guy.)

February 2009

I am so boring. I’m still listening to the same stuff. But now I’m listening to it on my G1 phone which is like an iPod only better.

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  1. pauley perete is very beautiful girl!

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