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Creative Every Day – January 24, 2010

So busy being creative, I forgot to post. Most of my creative juices went into the sermon I gave this morning. It was a sermon I was planning to give later in the year but a sudden cancellation gave me three weeks notice to pull it together. And it took every free minute of that time to figure out what I was going to say on the topic: What Unitarian Universalists Believe.  But I pulled it together yesterday and I think it worked. I’m going to post it here so tell me what you think.

I also bought yarn for baby gifts (my handspun isn’t baby friendly because I hate spinning superwash) and started plotting my knitting campaign for all the new babies (including a new grandchild!) coming this year.

I joined a postcard exchange so took myself on an artist’s date to buy a few items for postcards and collages. As soon as I wake up from my nap (preaching makes me tired for some reason) I’m going to make a few more postcards. Then I might start untangling the mess the cats made of my partially warped loom.

The cats not only love yarn and think looms are climbing toys, they have a new creative challenge: removing all heating vents from the floors. Seemed the heating vents aren’t screwed in.  But fixing the problem is Jenny’s creative challenge as she’s the one with the power tools.

I found the camera, a creative challenge in itself, so photos may follow. The next challenge is finding the charger for the camera and the download cable.

Last but not least, I figured out a surface to tap dance on. (tap shoes and wood floors make nice noise but ruin floors) Home Depot had this vinyl runner stuff. Won’t make as much noise, but it will still be satisfying.

Off to my nap…..

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