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More Whining

I’m never surprized when my body does something odd. I am, after all, at that age. But when it does something odd and I’m not sure how it did it, I worry more about my mind. The most recent example. My back started to hurt after church on Sunday and I knew immediately that a rib was out of joint. No idea how it got that way. And I’ve never had a rib out of joint before so I don’t know how I knew. But I did. I called my chiropractor on Monday and they couldn’t see me until the next day. I needed to see someone THEN so I played Russian roulette with my bones and called a random chiro. She confirmed my diagnosis, and then told me a vertebra was also out. She put it all back together and I felt good. For a bit. When you do something like that, all the supporting muscles also get whacked and within a few hours I was hurting again. Although I could breath which I hadn’t been able to do while the rib was out.

Tuesday I went to see my own people and was massaged, heated, cracked, rolled, percussed, and otherwise pampered back to well-being. With the caveat that my muscles were gonna hurt and my fibro might flare. Dang caveats anyway. So, not only is it going to be hot tomorrow, we are out of diet Pepsi, have no A/C, and my back hurts. I am not pleased.

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