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Gearing Up For the New Year

Well, it’s been awhile. And here I sit in my annual winter funk, wondering if my antidepressants need to be upped, or if I need to sit under a bright light, of if I just hate Christmas. I’d say it was my encroaching 58th birthday, but I don’t mind being 58.

Anyway, this is my pensive time of year. A time the ancients believed was a time for chipping away at the veil between the worlds of the living and the spirit. So, I’m taking up some challenges.

I wish I could get the stupid pictures to show up in the sidebar over there to the right, but that probably takes sleep before I can handle it. I know it can be done. I’ve done it. But not tonight.

Tonight, I invite any of you foolhardy folks to join me in one or more challenges.

Creative Everyday 2010 invites us to document a year of creative endeavor, however we define it. I’m going to count things like coming up with new excuses not to work and renaming all the flora and fauna in my home.

World Religion Challenge 2010 is a way to learn more about other religions and share what we learn. There are several levels of participation, and several ways to participate, so if you want to better understand the ways people believe, join this one.

And finally, the Thriller & Suspense Reading Challenge to read 12 mysteries or suspense books in one year. Find it here.

If anyone finds a good knitting or spinning challenge, let me know and I’ll take that one, too.

And my personal challenge. To record something new that I’ve learned every day. I always learn something new, today it was that Michael’s is out of small red bows because I got them all, so it seems logical and easy to just tuck those new things into either my blog or my Facebook page.

Anyway, how are you planning to challenge yourself this coming year?

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