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Time to Start Again

Of, course, it is time to start blogging again. I say that every year right about this time, and every year I mean it. I really do want to blog regularly. But in a week or two, I’ll probably stop. Life will happen. Work will intervene. Kids will need things. My partner will want me to spend time with her. And I really don’t have anything to say. Or do I?

So, right now, it’s 1:39 am. Not late by my standards except that I was out walking in the freezing cold in downtown Portland earlier, and that made me tired. So maybe I should save up whatever it is I have to say (and I must have *something* to say) until tomorrow when I’ve had some sleep.

Ah, well. Big things happening, some I’m not ready to go public with. Some will provide new opportunities for writers I know. And some are just me. But not tonight. Tomorrow. Yes. Tomorrow.

Great things about today:

1) I can walk several blocks in the freezing cold and live to tell about it.

2) I had dinner with a new friend and it was most fun. I love making new friends.

3) Big plans brewing. More later on that. Still in the beginning stages.

4) Big round crackers with melted brie. Wish I knew what those crackers are called.

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