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Update on the Wrist

Today was my four week checkup on the broken wrist and I NO LONGER HAVE A CAST! I do, however, have one of those velcro/elastic/steel/nylon splint things. Which I can remove. And, the doc told me drop spindling is “good therapy” for my wrist. Life is good.

I also have a referral to occupational therapy and am not allowed to ride my scooter until “they” say so. Did I break my wrist? Who knows. We may never know, or it may manifest now that I have permission to actually use it. This is weird medicine at its best. Some docs say I broke,  some say I didn’t. At least they aren’t going to do a CT scan unless it gets worse which is good.

I do not do well with anything that involves putting me in a confined space for a long period of time. To get me in an OPEN MRI machine requires lots of Valium. To get me in a closed one requires, well, maybe death. Speaking of which, don’t even put me in a coffin. Just start a big fire and burn me up.

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