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And the Winner Is…..Roxie

I met Roxie years ago when I first entered the world of Chrysalis, our local women’s writing community. I actually heard about her before I met her.  Here I was, a stranger, and all these women were babbling about Roxie. I had no idea who Roxie was, but I did know, almost immediately, that she had an AGENT! In the writing world, this is big.

A week later, I met her. I was prepared to be intimidated by anyone with an agent and in came Roxie with her knitting! Knitting? Knitting I knew, knitting didn’t intimidate me. And Roxie is a knitter. One of our first conversations revolved around the realities of sock knitting. There is a problem many sock knitters face: the second sock. Until I learned to knit both at one time, I had a bunch of first socks and few, if any, second socks. Roxie reassured me that this was normal and that it was perfectly all right to wear mismatched socks, a lesson I needed to learn.

Random Things about Roxie:

  1. Roxie and I went to the same school, Oregon Episcopal School, but not at the same time.
  2. Roxie and the beloved Jenny went to the same college, Lewis and Clark, but not at the same time.
  3. Roxie is a master knitter and this has become my new knitting goal. I knit like crap, just as a way to use up the yarn I spin. Now I want to be a Master Knitter and Roxie is going to mentor me.
  4. Roxie is the original “hostess with the mostest.” The spreads she lays on for our monthly knitting get-together are a sight to behold.  The bar is set so high that the rest of us just serve Grandma’s cookies when it’s our turn to host. Paper plates, kool-aid. There is no point in even trying to attain the perfection of Roxie’s tea parties.
  5. She is one of the few folks I know who looks GREAT in hats. Even weird ones with pointy things.
  6. Sanna the Sorceress is Roxie’s creation and the books are wonderful. You can get them at Amazon if you don’t live in Portland. You can also, I think, get them at Abundant Yarns (LYS) if you are in a Portland.
  7. I tend to talk a lot in writer’s group and Roxie once yelled at me to shut up. I did.
  8. In addition to knitting fabulous things for herself, the girl knits for charity. She has been known to give strangers the gloves off her hands.
  9. Roxie is married to some guy she calls DH in her blog. His real name is Kyle.
  10. Roxie mostly writes fiction but she dabbles in poetry. However, being Roxie, she doesn’t do just any old kind of poetry. She finds new forms. Forms never heard of before. Like pantoums. No, not pantaloons although given a chance she will write about pantaloons. Maybe in a pantoum. And maybe she’ll call them bloomers.
  11. Roxie writes heterosexual sex scenes that take your head off……and I write lesbian scenes that border on porn so I should know.
  12. Roxie is tall, elegant, and makes grand entrances.
  13. She is also humble and welcoming and funny.
  14. Roxie must be a princess because her mother is an empress.
  15. Roxie has grey hair and I love grey hair.
  16. Her command of the English language is phenomenal. She uses words that delight and amuse, all in YA fantasy novels.
  17. Well, and there is that Western erotica but we won’t mention that.
  18. Roxie used to be a professional weaver. How cool is that?
  19. Roxie collects china cups and saucers. Send her one……
  20. Roxie is a master at the double entendre……she makes me laugh…a lot!
  21. Roxie’s blog is in my blog roll….Sanna’s Bag……check it out. She even puts pictures, something I’d do if I could keep track of the camera.
  22. Cats. Lots of cats.
  23. Despite her elegance and elan, bawdy is also a word that comes to mind.
  24. She would have made a great dance hall girl…probably a madam
  25. Roxie is a force to be reckoned with, a tour de force, a force of nature, and may the Force be with her.

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