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If you look at my tag cloud, you will find this combination of words: dog fears gay bishops.  I just want you to know that our dog LOVES gay bishops and doesn’t even fear mastiffs. The tag cloud is alphabetical and some day I might find a way to change that sequence of words. Although right now it amuses me.

Just don’t you believe it!

Religious Rant of the Day 7/31/08

Rowan Williams, the great white hope of the Anglican Communion (meaning he’s the Archbishop of Canterbury), is, according to a BBC twitter, going to be heading a committee that will look at forbidding same-sex relationships, retroactively forbidding OUT gay bishops (the closeted ones can stay), and doing so in a “let’s-make-a-deal” way with the African bishops who have been holding the Anglican communion hostage to their conservatism and lack of education.

Why is it a third-world person can be priested with six weeks of bootcamp while first-world people have to get a friggin’ master’s degree? Just another reason I’m no longer an Anglican.

Read all about it here:

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