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We have met the aliens and they are us. Apologies to Pogo.

A year ago this was bare ground and the neighbors wanted to keep it that way. A creek runs through it, taking a full one-third of the property during the summer and making the place a bog during the winter.

This year, it sports a jaunty cinnamon-red house, a delightful dog, and an unhappy, unfriendly, and basically annoying cat. And one huge sand-filter septic system.

They tried to stop us. They did. With pitchforks and torches, the neighbors approached, determined to drive the aliens away. They fenced the property so we couldn’t get on it. They went to hamlet-council meetings. But Clackamas County approved and approved and approved so here we are, on Beaver Creek. Some would say in Beaver Creek, and possibly, come winter, we might be.  But I went to the planning office twice, and our contractor went once, and we are not even in the five hundred year flood plain.  Only because the road, on the other side of the creek, is lower than we are. I’m not complaining.

Photos to follow.

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