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L is for Lichen

Sorry, I couldn’t resist. That there to the left is a lichen. Our book, Kidnapping the Lorax, is written by a woman named Patricia K. Lichen. She was not born a lichen. She wasn’t even born a fungus. She was born something perfectly mundane, like Harrison or Hardware or some such. That’s her pirate name, and the name Greenpeace folks would know her by.

But at some point, she decided to take on the name of a lichen. It takes all kinds. Then she had a kid, and the kid has the last name Lichen, and now they’re both stuck with it. Well, I guess they could change it. But it scares me to think of what she might change it to this time.

This post brought to you by the words land, licentious, loopy, and lamp. Also by the Roman numeral L.

PS. You can buy her book at Amazon, B&N, or Smashwords. It’s a great book. Written by a lichen. About treating the earth the way it should be treated.

K is for Kidnapping

I did not write this book. But I’ve been there since it was conceived and this year I had the privilege of publishing it.

This is an amazing book about three idealistic environmentalists who kidnap the Secretary of the Interior, code named Lorax, to teach her to love the forests as much as she does.

The author, Patricia Lichen, is a long-time friend, and a real-life pirate. When my partner and I headed off to Peru to meet Wonder Babe’s other grandparents, Pat took me aside and told me that if I needed a good criminal attorney in Lima, she knew one. Not something I’d ever considered when traveling  before.

Seems Pat did a stint with Greenpeace back  in the day, and was arrested twice for chaining herself to the harpoons on whaling vessels. Hence the charges of piracy on the high seas. And the criminal lawyer in Peru.

Pat is a naturalist and writes a great blog at where she will tell you weird things about opossum penises and dandelions and other such things. She also wrote some other books which Puddletown will be publishing in e-book form. You can find out more at her blog.

This week, in honor of Earth Day, we will be dropping the price of Pat’s book to $.99. Please buy a copy. You’ll be glad you did. It’s a great read and you’ll learn to REAL way to poop in the woods.

This post brought to you by kitchens, kitch, kittens, and killjoys everwhere. And by the numerical concept, kilo.

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