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The Zen of Scooters

I rode my first scooter about a month ago and within a week I had bought my own. I had never ridden a motorcycle (except as a passenger, netting me a nasty burn on my leg) and had dreams of being butch. Pipe dreams, of course.

But the scooter! There was the ride for me. I found it fascinating how “in-the-body” I had to be while scootering. It was so zen. I went to Columbia Scooters in PDX, picked out a little hot pink and silver number, the Kymco Sting 50, and was off and riding.

So I’m scootering around the ‘burg, learning new things about myself as I go. Today, riding to my writer’s group, I realized that I was tensing my arms and locking my elbows. No wonder I was going wide on the S-curves. Can’t turn the handlebars if your arms won’t bend. I relaxed my arms, which relaxed my body, and we sailed gracefully through curves I have previously overflown, ending up in the oncoming lane. Thank God/dess we live in the back of beyond and I don’t have much traffic to contend with! Now I take the curves effortlessly, leaning into them as I should. (It seems so odd to me that I naturally lean on a bicycle but am afraid to lean on the scooter.) Guess in part it’s trusting your ride. I’ve been riding a bike for over 50 years, a scooter for about three weeks. And the weight difference between a 20+ lb bike and 200 lb scooter is also a bit scary.

I’m also  getting the hang of putting the scooter on its stand. I challenge myself to do it in one try and most of the time today I was successful.

Apparently the rules of the scooter world require you to wave at fellow scooter riders. Which I do if I can spare the hand. But today, for the second time, a motorcyclist nodded at me. Not quite a wave, but an acknowledgment that we were sharing the same road. That made my day!

So todays lesson: relax and unbend. And if you can’t wave, nod!

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