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L is for Lichen

Sorry, I couldn’t resist. That there to the left is a lichen. Our book, Kidnapping the Lorax, is written by a woman named Patricia K. Lichen. She was not born a lichen. She wasn’t even born a fungus. She was born something perfectly mundane, like Harrison or Hardware or some such. That’s her pirate name, and the name Greenpeace folks would know her by.

But at some point, she decided to take on the name of a lichen. It takes all kinds. Then she had a kid, and the kid has the last name Lichen, and now they’re both stuck with it. Well, I guess they could change it. But it scares me to think of what she might change it to this time.

This post brought to you by the words land, licentious, loopy, and lamp. Also by the Roman numeral L.

PS. You can buy her book at Amazon, B&N, or Smashwords. It’s a great book. Written by a lichen. About treating the earth the way it should be treated.


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