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Why I Knit and Spin

Read this article if you think knitting is for old ladies.

As a person who has survived a traumatic brain injury, I know that it was knitting and spinning that healed me. For some reason, during the months following my death by surgery and my subsequent resurrection, I picked up my needles and spindles after a long hiatus. Something deep within called me to move my hands and trail yarn around the house. I did not know it at the time, but this was good medicine for what ails me.

Using the hands, which according to writer Madeleine L’Engle contain “grey matter”, the stuff of brains, causes new neural pathways to form. Since I had destroyed some, my body, mind, hands, spirit, knew that I had to recreate them.

But not only did I find my brain healing, my spirit, torn by the loss of my job, loneliness because all my friends worked, and many other losses that accompany serious illness, found solace. Anyone who knits or spins consciously is probably well aware that both can be a form of meditation. I knit because I love to watch the patterns emerge, chaos giving way to great beauty, and because it is soothing. I spin because the mechanics of wool to yarn is nothing but miraculous.

And now knitting is being used to explain the universe. Wow! The things yarn can do.

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