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Missed a Day Already

Whoa. Failing my Sabbath year already? Yep, I got busy with work and then date night, and never got around to my post. Guess I owe y’all one.

Had our first meeting for the new business venture (be patient…a few more days and we’ll go public) and we are so jazzed. Ideas flying, assignments handed out, hard to believe we just started on January 2nd and we’re already swamped with work. Of course, I was so excited afterward that I could talk of nothing else. I’m sure Jenny got bored after the first couple of hours.

For date night we went to some Chinese place down in Milwaukie, across from Nelson’s Nautilus. Chow fun! Real Chinese food. I’ve got to find out what the name of the place is as I’m sure we’ll be going back often.

Having an exciting new project is making it hard to do the  “same-old, same-old” of writing, editing, and indexing. But I still have to pay the bills. Should be working on making money right now, but instead I’m doing stuff for the new “upstart.”

I did, however, attend to my spiritual life this morning with an amazing group of women, and then I took a long winter’s nap. So the day hasn’t been a total waste.

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