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Okay, I can take a nag, er, hint

Where have I been? Well, living out my alien princess fantasy, I’d like to say my people finally came for me. But you are my people, like it or not.

I’ve been busy. Indexing is down, freelance writing is up. Way up. I’m grateful for this as indexing is down. Not dead. But slow. However, I do have TWO books coming next week, one on autism, one on marriage and family relationships, both topics I find interesting, so things are looking up. And I’ve discovered the secret to making money online while working your freaking butt off.

I saw your ears prick upward. Writing? Money? Online? At home? Really? Yes, really. And I will soon post more details on the Chrysalis website over there to the right in the blogroll. Just let me say this: in the last six weeks, I’ve made well over a thousand dollars writing crap for folks who write worse than I do. That’s the trick. Write better than the people who want to hire you.

And be willing to write odd things. So far, 70 posts about gardening, a speech, a longer article about choosing a doctor, some web page content, a sales letter, a brochure, and some postcards. Some short how-to stuff about craftiness, my beef stew and deviled egg recipes. Easy peasy for the most part. And I will share my secrets for the low, low price of a click on a hyperlink. After I get done with today’s paid stuff. And water aerobics. And probably dinner.

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