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Alien News – Election Edition

Hey, finding out that Bill and Hillary really DID adopt an alien child wouldn’t be any weirder than the stuff that’s going on in this election. I’m not going to provide links because my hand hurts but I’ll refer you to the following:

Daily Kos

Huffington Post

New York Times

So, here’s the rundown:

Sarah Palin went off target this weekend and brought up the clothes. Which, although she wears them, are not hers. (Is she a nun? Are they “clothes that I use”? (I know a lot of nuns and some of them talk that way: “It’s not my car. It’s the car that I use.” )) In fact, most of them (the clothes, not the nuns) are still in her jet. Hmm. She did say “my jet”. Maybe they struck a deal. She gives the clothes back and keeps the jet? The Republicans are now pissed at her for continuing the circus and are calling her a “rogue” and a “diva”.

Of course, McCain says the RNC bought the clothes, not the campaign. Now the RNC is saying that they only bought the clothes because the campaign asked them to do so.

In the NYT this weekend, it turns out there is one endorsement McCain doesn’t want brought up. See, it seems that a terrorist group, a certain Al Queda, has endorsed McCain. Seems the Bushies have been such a good recruiting tool, they want to continue these stupid wars as long as possible.

Speaking of wars, the vast majority of US soldiers are voting…wait for it…DEMOCRATIC. HUH!?!?!? (Last I heard it was about 80 percent)

Senator Ted Stevens (R-Alaska) has been convicted on all 7 counts of canoodling with the Big Oil and LYING about it. Sarah Palin has not asked for his resignation, saying she trusts that he will do the right thing for Alaska.  So much for the reformer who took on her own party over corruption.

Today someone in the Palin mob shouted “He’s a n****R” about Obama. Palin, naturally, only fumbled her lines and said nothing. And two white supremacists were arrested by the ATF in a plot to kill 102 African-American students AND Barack Obama. Gee, I can’t help but wonder how Bridget McCain feels about all of this. Or did her parents cancel her Internet and cable TV?  Bridget, in case you don’t know, is the McCain’s 17 year old adopted daughter. She’s Bangladeshi, not African, but she’s definitely black.

In a call center, 40 employees walked out, sacrificing their pay rather than read a hate-filled screed the McCain campaign wanted read to voters in swing states. Having done time in a call center myself, I know that those folks NEEDED the money they lost by exercising their consciences. And, because call centers tend to be sweat shops, it’s quite possible they could lose their jobs.

Speaking of low-wage workers, it’s so bad out there, the McCain campaign is hiring people to call voters. And some of those people are Obama supporters who just need a job. Now, what is this whole Acorn thing about? Oh, yeah, hiring people to register voters. See, it’s bad to hire people to register voters, but it’s okay to hire people to slime other people.  Of course, the McCain people are threatening to sue the folks who told on them.

And, while we’re on the topic, McCain can’t get volunteers to do his campaign work.  I was at the Obama joint in Oregon City the other day and it was jumping! Dozens of volunteers, packed into a small storefront. Great energy. And they weren’t getting paid.

Also, Acorn flagged all the bad registrations and turned them in AS THEY ARE REQUIRED TO DO BY LAW. Oh, and earlier this year, McCain was honoring Acorn for the good work they do.

Meanwhile, Republicans are up to their old tricks. (Can they learn new ones?) Voting machines that register for McCain when you push Obama. Or allow you to vote a straight Democratic ticket with one push but don’t register the vote for President.  Mailers telling voters in Democratic areas that the general assembly (I forget what state….but it’s a swinger) has decided to hold voting on November 5th. Swing states being sued because “we never thought the election would be so big” so they didn’t get enough ballots. (Funny, I did. And I’m just a soccer mom/football grandma/intellectual elite/small business owner/lesbian Christian so what do I know.)

Speaking of me, I figured out that under McCain’s finance plan, I’d get zip. Zero. Nada. And could lose my health insurance. Under Obama’s, I get some tax breaks. If I ever make $250,000 net I’ll make sure to whine.

And speaking of Christians, be sure to Google Jim Wallis, an evangelical minister, or look him up at Huffington Post, and read his guidelines for Christian voters.

I know there is much more but the dog is whining because Jenny just drove in and I have to let her out.

The Great VP Debate Part 1

Right now i’m doing my debate prep: reheating some eggplant and stuffed peppers in the microwave, watching the pre-game show on CNN, making sure I have a full drink (no commercials so not TOO full), trying to calm the adrenaline rush I get when my news junkie persona takes over.

I should be working but I’m obsessed with Sarah Palin.

CNN’s little wavy line poll is now showing Ohio uncommitted voters, male and female. Palin has her hair in bouffant with the back hanging down. To hide a wire?

Biden goes for the Bush jugular right off the bat. And then pumps Obama’s plan for the economy. So far so good.

Palin just told us to watch a kid’s soccer game. She’s talking about fear. Now she’s lying and saying McCain was addressing the economy two years ago.

Biden is talking now. About DV, police, his record on bipartisanship. He’s now saying McCain said the economy was strong and George Bush did a hell of a job.

Ooops…She said maverick and talked about Obama voting 96 percent of the time along party lines.

Gwen wants to know what they will do as Vice President and plans to come back to that.

Palin is blaming predatory lenders and greed on Wall Street. Joe Six Pack and Hockey Moms. Dang! Where’s my Sarah Palin bingo card?

Biden is talking now about McCain’s support for deregulation for the past two years. And how he wants to deregulate the health care industry.

Biden just called her a liar on taxes and pointed out that Palin did not answer the question about deregulation.

Palin says she cut taxes in Alaska, and is refusing to answer the question.

Interesting that the women in the poll are more negative about Palin than the men.

Palin starts talking and the lines drop. YAY. Now she’s talking about how she took on Big Oil.  Line isn’t changing much. Claims Obama voted for energy laws that she had to undo. And there is nothing she has promised that she would not be able to do.

Biden: Obama voted to eliminate tax breaks for Big Oil, McCain did not. Palin supported windfall profit tax? McCain does not.

Palin: would have supported making it harder for people to declare bankruptcy. Then she went off on a ramble about Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and how McCain warned us.

Biden: Obama wrote to ? about subprime mortgages two years ago. Is proposing allowing bankruptcy judges to modify mortgages.

Palin: She’s gone back to energy, is avoiding questions about economy. Oil for energy independence?

YAY! Climate change. Palin says Alaska sees impact more than other states, cyclical climate changes are to blame. (Tell that to New Orleans and Galveston.) Blames other countries for polluting more than US.

Biden: It’s man-made. If you don’t understand causes, hard to come up with solutions. McCain has voted 20 times against clean energy sources. Obama wants to encourage solar, wind power, invest in clean coal. McCain thinks answer is drill, drill, drill.  3 percent of world’s oil reserves, uses 25 percent of world’s oil.

Palin: Dems said drilling is wrong tack. Nucular. She said it, not me. I know how to spell and pronounce it.

Biden: Hard targets on clean coal. How do we deal with global warming if we rely on fossil fuels?

Biden: Same-sex benefits – YES. Will all be treated the same.

Palin: Ok in Alaska, but not if changes definition of marriage.

Biden: Not talking about the definition of marriage. That should be left to the religions.

Foreign Policy:

Palin: Surge, counter-insurgency part of the plan. McCain supported. Obama voted against supporting troops. Have plan for withdrawal, but not early withdrawal, can’t afford to lose against Al-Quada. (who are not in Iraq, BTW)

Biden: GOP has no plan, troop draw down. McCain voted against funding the troops because there was a timeline. Dems will end this war. McCain has no plan to end it.

Palin: Dem plan is white flag of surrender. We will know when Iraqis can govern themselves. Says Obama will cut off funding for the troops.

Biden: McCain voted against funding for troops, said lots of things totally wrong about the war. Obama has been right.

Biden: Pakistan has nuclear weapons, has deployed them, can hit Israel and Mediterrean. Would be a bad thing if Iran gets nuclear weapons. McCain says Iraq is center of terrorism.

Palin: Petraeus and Al-Queda said Iraq is center of war on terror. Just called Ahmejindad insane. Called Obama naive. Not smart to engage dictators on Presidential level.

Biden: Obama did not say he would sit down with Ahmjinedad. Theocracy runs security operation in Iran. Allies, others saying we need to sit down with others. Allies not going to sit down with us if we don’t sit down with others. McCain won’t even sit down with Spain, a NATO ally.

Palin: on Israel, two state solution is the right solution. Called Israel a peace-seeking nation.

Biden: Obama said West Bank elections bad idea. Hamas won. Other stuff I didn’t catch. Only thing on march is Iran. Thoughtful, real life diplomacy.

Palin: Bush administration has not been wrong on Israel. Taking over the change motto. Country first. Maverick. Glad they are both lovers of Israel.

Biden: Past is prologue. Hasn’t heard how McCain’s policies are going to be different than  McCain.

Palin: Nucular (sic) weapons would be the end-all, be-all of blah, blah, blah, wandering around in the wilderness. Ours are deterrents. Theirs are for agression. Afghanistan: fighting terrorists, building schools, we will win there.

Biden: Facts matter. Commanding general in Afghanistan said the surge principal will not work in Afghanistan, need more troops, more money for infrastructure. Spend more money in 3 weeks in Iraq than we have spent in 7 years in Afghanistan. McCain voted against comprehensive test ban treaty, weapons inspections. McCain against arms control

Palin: McClelland did not say surge would not work.

Biden: McClelland did say that. McCain said Afghanistan not in news because it “succeeded”

Biden: Interventionism. It worked in Bosnia. McCain voted against. Iraq said a mistake to go in. Voted to give President power but not to go to Iraq. Does not have a stomach for genocide in Darfour.

Palin “Washington outsider”. You voted for the war, now you are against the war.  Americans want straight talk. (lines went down). Called for divestment of funds in Sudan.

Biden: Line should be drawn. A) can we do anything about it. B) genocide disqualifies countries from having a say. McCain doesn’t get it about Iraq and has been wrong from outset.

Palin: McCain knows how to win a war, knows what evil is, knows how to learn from blunders in war in Iraq

Biden: Would carry out Obama’s policies. Restore middle class. Clean energy. End war. Go after Bin Laden, eliminate Al-Queda. Prevention not preemption.  Most important election since 1932.

Palin: Team of Mavericks. Not going to agree. McCain has not asked her to check opinions at the door. Get rid of greed on Wall Street. Take lesson from Wasilla Main Street (she created a $20 million deficit in Wasilla which had been solvent before she took over).

Biden: People know middle class has gotten short end.

Palin: There you go, Joe. Pointing backward.  Prefaced with “George Bush”. Biden’s wife’s reward is in heaven for being a teacher. Riff on education.

Palin: Vice Presidency. Lame attempt at joke. VP presides over Senate. Supports President. She would lead in energy and with families with special needs.

Biden: History of getting things done. Point for legistlative initiatives. Will sit in on all decisions, Barack wants his opinions and viewpoints.

Palin: Constitution allows much flexibility in role of VP. EXECUTIVE experience? Her?

Biden: Cheney most dangerous VP in history. Article One defines VP role clearly as executive branch. Presides only when there is a tie vote. Is not part of legislative branch.

Palin: Achilles heel? can’t even answer the question. Connection to heartland. Knows what other Americans are going through. World view: America is shining city on hill, perfect ideal

Biden: excessive passion, discipline. Was a single parent. Much better off than most Americans. But knows what it’s like to raise kids alone, not know if child is going to live.

Palin: Maverick. Change. Bipartisan. We have got to win the wars. Get rid of greed on Wall Street.

Biden: McCain is not a maverick on things that really affect folks. Education, medicine, war.

Biden: Changed his view on judicial appointments. Ideology of judge makes a difference.

Palin: passed budgets she did not believe in. Caved. No she has not had to compromise on things. Didn’t answer the question she was asked.

Biden: Bipartisanship. Has worked across the line. Changed both parties mind on occasion. Does not question motives, just judgments.

Palin: appoint people across party lines. Diverse family. At the end of the day, it’s gonna be okay. Lower taxes on businesses. Obama is saying no to energy independence, will kill jobs.  Trashed main-stream media. So glad to be an American. Have to fight for freedom.

Biden: Most important election. Dug into a deep hole in last eight years. Need fundamental change. Don’t measure progress on how CEOs are doing. Measure on if can pay mortgage, military is equipped. Dignity and respect.

Running Mates

Uh-oh. I’m gonna get political here. You’ve been warned.

I strongly believe that a candidate’s first presidential decision is his or her running mate. Remember Dan Quayle? When Mondale chose Ferraro without vetting her properly first, I knew he was in trouble. Leader of the free world fails to do his homework. When Cheney chose Bush, I knew WE were in trouble. Puppet leader of the free world chooses puppet dumber than Charley McCarthy. So this is an important choice, folks.

Obama’s choice was brilliant. Biden is a known contender with some flaws but, those flaws are already known. Gonna dredge them up? Try the New York Times for the past 20+ year. Public knowledge. And Obama knew to play to his vulnerabilities. Youth and inexperience chose age, wisdom, and, above all, knowledge to complement his weaknesses. Always a smart move in a leader. Don’t know much about something, hire someone who knows a boatload about it.  And it doesn’t hurt that Biden’s son is stepping up to the plate and heading off to Iraq to serve in the Judge Advocate General’s office. Since so few of our leaders have children in the military, choosing one who does is wise at this juncture. The military, historically the tool of the  Republican-party-at-war, is poised to switch. Last I heard, from a military wife, was that eighty percent of the soldiers think this war needs to end. Now.

McCain, on the other hand, chose Sarah Pulin, a virtual unknown outside of Alaska. Her experience, while laudable in her rise from mom to governor of a sparsely populated state, is limited on the national scene and non-existent on the foreign scene.  Yes, she’s a woman. But she is no Hillary Clinton. She is deeply religious, which is okay. So am I. She is anti-abortion and chose not to abort a Down’s Syndrome child. I would have made the same choice but not for the same reason. I support abortion as a choice that should be available to women. I, personally, don’t know that I could have one.

McCain’s choice appears to be two things. First, an attempt to appeal to the disaffected Clinton supporters who want a woman in the White House. I want a woman in the White House. But not badly enough to vote for a team consisting of an old man and a woman who is clearly NOT ready to leave. Old people die. McCain is already in his 70s. Remember Reagan? Remember the advance of Alzheimers while he was in office? Do we need that again?  And, if he can no longer lead, do we need a woman of limited experience suddenly taking over? If he wanted a woman, he would have done better to chose Condi Rice. I detest her but she is smart and experienced. And she is an expert on Russia, a giant, armed creature we have recently been poking with a stick.

Second, McCain’s choice may be based on arrogance. Why, he thinks, do I need an experienced vice president when I am invincible and can do it all myself.  We already have that president. Look where that got us.

Sarah Pulin may be a perfectly nice woman, and her husband has served in Iraq. But raising five children and running a small state (yes, Alaska is a very small state by population) do not qualify you to be President of the United States.  If that were the case, I’d pop out a couple more, take over Oregon, and be President myself. Now, is that a scary thought?

A note to Hillary fans: If you think it is more important to have a woman in the White House than to end the war, repair the economy, educate our children, provide health care for all (you, too, will retire some day and Medicare is no picnic), and restore some modicum of respect for America in the world, then vote for McCain. If you think it would be better to wait another round or two until the next Hillary Clinton comes around, vote for Obama. Don’t be blinded by genitalia. Look at credentials.

Hillary Clinton is a star on the political horizon and there are plenty more where she came from. But Sarah Pulin is not one of them.

McCain’s choice is a risk. He thinks disgruntled Hillary fans will flock to his team because he chose a woman. I think Clinton’s fans are, for the most part, smarter than that. Don’t be sucked in by her gender folks, Sarah Pulin is not ready to lead this country, especially as we are busy pissing off the rest of the world.

Oh, one more thing about her. She supports drilling in Alaska. Not because she thinks it’s best for the rest of the country. Nope, she just wants to give Alaskans more juicy bonus checks. Already playing to the special interest groups.

Rant off.

Better late than never….

This has been going on for awhile so it’s not really news but I wanted you to know. Watch this clip and then wonder “Why does he want to pardon himself for things he says he didn’t do?”

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