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Monday, Monday

If you can get to my Facebook page, go check out the new video of Emma Sofia, the Wonder Babe. I’d post it but my daughter took it with her phone and it’s in a weird format.

So, the big news is almost ready to share. We’re getting closer and closer to launch. Got our email addresses and access to the cpanel for the website today. I am so psyched. It’s all I can do to work every day. All I want to do is work on the new thing. And I can’t wait to tell you all about it. Hard to believe we came up with this just 15 days ago. We being me and Renee LaChance.

If you know Renee, that might give you SOME idea of what we’re up to. If you know both of us, you might have even greater clues. Hint: It’s something we both do well, but not necessarily both of us doing the same thing. Although we will be doing the same thing. Confused? Good. Oh, and she did this for 15 years….sort of. And I’ve been working on this for several years and almost have a master’s in the part I haven’t been doing for the past 30 or so years. Oh, and if you were at Mar and VA’s open house, you were there at the birth. Just to make it more confusing, Kay Perret, this one’s for you! You always said I’d do it some day…..

I guess you could Google Renee for other hints. Or just wait a few days.

Missed a Day Already

Whoa. Failing my Sabbath year already? Yep, I got busy with work and then date night, and never got around to my post. Guess I owe y’all one.

Had our first meeting for the new business venture (be patient…a few more days and we’ll go public) and we are so jazzed. Ideas flying, assignments handed out, hard to believe we just started on January 2nd and we’re already swamped with work. Of course, I was so excited afterward that I could talk of nothing else. I’m sure Jenny got bored after the first couple of hours.

For date night we went to some Chinese place down in Milwaukie, across from Nelson’s Nautilus. Chow fun! Real Chinese food. I’ve got to find out what the name of the place is as I’m sure we’ll be going back often.

Having an exciting new project is making it hard to do the  “same-old, same-old” of writing, editing, and indexing. But I still have to pay the bills. Should be working on making money right now, but instead I’m doing stuff for the new “upstart.”

I did, however, attend to my spiritual life this morning with an amazing group of women, and then I took a long winter’s nap. So the day hasn’t been a total waste.

Thursday's Three Theological Things: Time

  1. I just told a friend that I don’t have all the time in the world. Immediately, I realized I was wrong. What, really, do I have except time? And, I do have all of it. Hmmm….maybe it’s time to drag out the quantum physics guys again. Where is the real cutting edge theology right now? In their labs and crazy squirrel infested minds. When my daughter was getting her degree in physics she would sometimes talk to me about quantum physics. And, whether she knew it or not, she was talking about God.
  2. Which brings me to “A Wrinkle in Time” by Madeleine L’Engle. This was the first “science fiction” I read, as a child of nine, and I was enchanted. Like quantum physics, which it essentially is, this book was first understood on an intuitive level. Which is the only way I can understand quantum physics. Math, even the basics like checkbook balancing, escapes me. Good thing I’m a writer and not, say, an accountant. L’Engle’s book was also the first piece of theological writing I ever read (well, except for the Book of Common Prayer) although I didn’t realize it at the time. As an adult, I discovered that L’Engle was an Episcopalian and one of the great (IMHO) theological thinkers of the 20th century. Why do I say that? Because she not only thought deep thoughts, she could put them in language even a child of nine could understand. And that, friends, is truly a gift.
  3. My daughter, almost 30, and I, heading for 60, had a great conversation today about age. I don’t feel 60, and she says I don’t act 60. Oh, sometimes my fibro-infested body lets me know, but most of the time (there’s that word again) I act much younger. Some of you are thinking “immature.” Well, that may be the case. But what, exactly, is wrong with immature? To be immature means I’m still growing, learning, developing, and becoming the full expression of myself. Yes. I do have flashes of maturity. But I really think I’d rather be immature and a work in progress than mature and ready for picking. You?

Attention Knitters: Look What I Found

If you’re a fan of Interweave (and what fiber person isn’t?) AND you have an iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad or even just iTunes on your computer (which may or may not be a Mac or, horrors, a PC), check this out:

Knitting Daily from Interweave

Lots of good information, a glossary for those of us who still think Kitchener stitch is something you must do in the kitchen, and more. Don’t believe me. Check it out for yourself. More fibery stuff for on the go…..

Wednesday's Words: Book Review: Silver Thaw by Amy Rose Davis

I am currently spending a lot of time reading e-pub books. For those not in the know, e-publishing is the wave of the future. Don’t worry. I don’t see the demise of the book any time soon, but e-publishing takes the power away from New York publishers and puts it where it belongs: with the writers.

Anyway, my friend Lisa recommended an author named Amy Rose Davis. I hunted her down on the ‘net and downloaded, for a minimal price, her novella, Silver Thaw. First off, living in the land of the silver thaw, I have to say I love the title. Davis lives in this area too, I believe, and chose the right title. A silver thaw, as I said yesterday, is beautiful but deadly.  And that’s what this story is.

Basically a retelling of ancient myth, the story revolves around a mysterious girl with a voice that can…well, read it and find out. At 28,ooo words, this book is an evening’s easy read. It’s a beautiful story, beautifully written. This last is important because a lot of self-published books are shoddily written, with little to no editing, and the reader is the last to know, after she’s plunked down her money. But I found this little book a gem.

Davis has a book coming out soon, also self-published, called Ravenmarked. I will definitely buy it. It’s authors like Davis that are going to give self-publishing a great reputation.

The Gas Station Guy

Okay, so I had to get gas. Cash is tight, until I get paid, so I did the “fill it with $10” thing at the Chevron station just up the road. Since we live in the back of beyond, that station is the only game in town. If there was a town. So they can treat us as they will, and they can charge us as much as they want. But for some reason, it’s one of the cheapest gas stations around. The people in the convenience store are friendly, the prices about the same as any convenience store.

I pulled in, handed the guy my credit card, and thought that was that. But this guy, a young guy, maybe mid-20s, started talking to me while the meter ticked off its $10 worth. It was cold. It was pouring down rain. And this guy was happy. He told me he is always happy. He’s been pumping gas for a year, and he loves his job. He told me that he figured out early on that one unhappy customer took away seven potential customers. He said he wants to make everybody’s day a good day so that they’ll keep coming back and so that they’ll carry that happiness into their days. As I drove off, he yelled, “Have a wonderful day.” And I did.

You meet amazingly wise people in the weirdest places.

Things I Learned Today:

  • It’s so easy to make someone’s day.
  • My new project keeps having serendipitous occurrences. I think that means something. More later.
  • Boston ferns like benign neglect, just like Christmas cacti.
  • Haggen’s has mint jelly even if Trader Joe’s doesn’t.
  • The new project has a name. Finally. Wow! It’s been a whole week and a half without one. More later.
  • People who are not in my writer’s group like my books. Amazing. I feel like Sally Field at the Oscars.

Almost Forgot

Things I learned today:

  1. How to unfreeze pipes using towels and hot water (while doing research for an article I was writing).
  2. I still hate Costco. I hate it worse with my youngest daughter in tow when she’s in shopping mood.
  3. You can get a passport endorsement on your driver’s license for $15. It’s only good for entry into Canada and Mexico, but it’s a hell of a lot cheaper than an expedited passport ($150) and it only takes a simple trip to the DMV. Meg got her’s in Washington. Not sure if it works the same way in Oregon. Guess I won’t know for sure until my passport expires again and I forget to get a new one.  Of course, in 20 years, Jenny and I have been to Mexico once and Canada not at all. We have, on the other hand, been several places that required passports.

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